True Meritocracy


This section treats various parts of administration. Naturally, we want it to be meritocratic, and you can find our vision of a better democracy in the corresponding section. How do we make sure that the people best suited get positions of leadership and representation? Stands to reason that a thorough holistic review is needed. 

Guiding Principles:

Types of Organization

  • Stimulate cooperation between private and public actors
  • Find a middle-way between socialism and capitalism 
  • Develop shared ICT infrastructure between all levels
  • Minimize bureaucracy through automation/digitization


Nature of Government

  • Government should be neither paterna- or maternalistic
  • In favor of separation of religion and state, but not God
  • Remove toxic short-term thinking in current politics
  • Utilize more incentive systems in public sector
    • Combine base-pay and pay-for-performance



  • Make sure representatives actually are representative

Finding Leaders with Merit

  • Thoroughly review candidates for positions of leadership
    • Exhaustive mental and physical evaluation
    • Verify abilities in their domain
  • Public officials should be experts in their field



  • Demand disclosure of all possible conflicts of interest
    • Special fines for those failing to disclose such conflicts


Politicians as Implementers of the “Will of the People”

  • Transition from political parties to survey-based system
    • I.e. more expression of individuality and merit
    • Increase use of referendums
    • Administrative expert team to implement our will
      • Result of survey should be their guideline