True Meritocracy

Family & Community

The family is the most important social unit in society. A well-functioning family is a tremendous asset to society, while a dysfunctional one can quickly turn into a multi-generational liability. Communities ads another social layer on top of that, which are very intriguing by their fluidity vis-a-vis the other formal institutions on the macro-level.

Guiding Principles:


  • Humans are binary: male/masculine (XY) or female/feminime (XX)
    • Many variables determine where you are on the masculinity-femininity spectrum, e.g. some males are more muscular etc.
    • LGBT+ is about sexual attraction (i.e. not gender), since only a subset of genes code for neurons related to sexual attraction
      • A male gay has neuronal networks (coding for sexuality) that are very similar to those found in female non-gay brains 

Creating Children

  • Encourage women to have children in teens and early twenties
    • Sexual education should focus on reproduction
    • Fertility drastically decrease as women age
    • Offer economic incentives and housing
  • Discourage unfit parents from having children
  • Consider reproduction a sacred trust
  • Guide reproduction wisely
  • Men should have the right to veto pregnancy


  • Keep collectivized child rearing to a minimum
  • Employees should preferably have professional training
  • Exhaustive testing of prospective employees
  • Aim for 50/50 gender balance among employees

School (4XX yo)

  • See the section called “Education and Employment”

Raising Children

  • Maximize amount of time children interact with parents
  • Do not excessively rely on collective systems for rearing kids
    • E.g. kindergarten, school, etc. 
    • Leverage technology to make work-from-home easy
  • Men and women should play equal role in raising kids
  • All children should experience the binary nature of humans

Separation and Divorce

  • Reform laws to disincentivize fickle divorce practices
  • Make it easier to sue in cases of infidelity
  • Special tax on divorced parents to finance societal costs
    • The special tax kicks-in after children are 18 yo (if they have kids)
    • Divorcees have no right to overburden society


  • This is essentially a group-think/control phenomena, which must be discouraged, since its highly dysgenic
  • Make it easier to sue teachers and employers who do not stop bullying

Domestic Violence

  • Police should decide whether to press charges in cases of domestic violence
    • Allowing abused to drop charges = cycle of abuse



  • Leverage communities to solve and prevent social ills
    • Tax rewards for membership and engagement
  • Develop a social networking system (public sector)
    • Digital social networks are important, and we need a stable alternative to the booms and busts from the private sector
    • This system would take into account all data, and enable users to offer more data to enhance social matchmaking and growth
      • Not only connecting you with people you know, but also those you should know (based on the big data analyses)
    • Its purpose is to optimize the social aspects of society
      • To fulfill both personal and professional needs: friendships, jobs, stable intimate relationships (create families), and find people that can help you or you can help


Orphanages and Adoption

  • Only support honorable commercial orphanages
  • Orphanages can be for-profit, but not excessively so
  • Prioritize adoption of native children over foreign
  • Turn the right to adopt into something prestigious
    • Reserved for exceptionally qualified people
  • Use incentives to make people want to adopt


Child Abuse

  • Microchip sex felons and surveillance their web activity
    • I.e. violating others privacy leads to loss of your own privacy
  • Monitor at-risk children and their caregivers
    • Stepparents are statistically more likely to abuse stepchildren than their own



  • Allow all nonaggressive, semi-free, and trainable pets
  • Species or races with history of unwarranted violence should be banned for anyone without special license
    • E.g. Pitbull, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, etc.
    • These should be banned from public spaces unless they are accompanied by police (or similar)
  • The pet cannot be a risk to local ecosystem
  • Do not allow permanently caged pets (e.g. birds)