True Meritocracy

The adjective “true” intends to distinguish this movement as advocating a purer kind of meritocracy. True Meritocracy is not affiliated with any other political or ideological group. It will stand alone as a thoughtful nebula, though will support offshoots that want to enter any contemporary political arena.  

The essence behind True Meritocracy originates from meetings between extremely heterogeneous individuals in the 90s. 

Key Facts:

  • True Meritocracy is run by Alexander Bjerkvik
    • I was born in 1989, the year Communism died.
  • This site is open to all suggestions from anyone
    • We want to crowdsource policies
    • Use contact form to suggest policies 
  • TM is not exclusively an exploration of the concept
    • Will develop meritable policies for various topics
  • Our vision visavis current realities
    • We primarily focus on our visions herein, but these can be adapted to current politics fully or partly
  • TM launched November 2016
  • Cyberspace is our only true headquarter
  • This site is the ideological heart of the movement
  • There will never be a TM political party, it’s a think tank
  • TM will support any party fronting ideas found herein
  • We cooperate with contemporary systems
  • All efforts aim to reduce Earth’s quarantine status
  • TM ideology is neither left- nor right-winged, its upward