True Meritocracy

History of Meritocracy

We can trace origins back to Ancient China, and it gradually matured in the background ever since. However, we have not seen any full-fledged meritocratic ideologies until very recently.

Key Evolutionary Events:

  • Confucius’s administrative meritocracy (Ancient China)
  • Qin and Han dynasties refine civil service examinations
  • Plato writes “The Republic”
  • Aristotle further develops Plato’s meritocratic concepts
  • Voltaire and François Quesnay take the baton
  • British Empire implements a meritocratic system
  • John Stuart Mill takes the baton
  • Singapore enshrines meritocracy as guiding principle
  • The Ecuadorian Meritocracy Institute is created
  • True Meritocracy goes online 2016