True Meritocracy


We are committed to promoting freedom of thought, speech, and association. A true meritocracy is completely dependent on ALL information, ideas, thoughts, and interactions making their presence known… no matter how controversial. Indeed, we DO want exposure to information that could potentially falsify our deeply held thesis and hypotheses. Think about it, such easily falsifiable thoughts are inherently flawed to begin with.  

Beyond informational autonomy, we also think people should have adequate levels of freedom in their professional and private domains. Sticking to the principle of merit, only thoughts and actions of value are promoted. 

Guiding Principles:

  • Work with cyber communities to advance freedom
  • Incentivize people to be open about their true opinions
  • Fight political correctness and other types of censorship
  • Crackdown on Orwellian tendencies in HR departments
  • Confront hypocrisies related to free speech 
  • No person or group should be able to veto criticism
  • Regulate internet, search, and social media like public utilities
  • Support anonymous hubs for thought exchange
  • Allow people to use pseudonym in professional settings
  • Free legitimate political prisoners and freedom fighters