True Meritocracy


We need to first see people as unique individuals, and consider group identities as secondary attributes. Humans instinctually form groups. Us meritocratists are only against anti-meritocratic social groups/identities, and are fully in favor of identities furthering positive development. Our focus on the primacy of individuality aims to circumvent the enormous biases group-think spawns. 

Humans have four types of group identities: biologic, social, philosophic, and spiritual. Goes without saying that its much easier to e.g. modify our social than our biological identity. Having said that, True Meritocracy is passionate about genetic engineering.

Key Facts:

  • Enable people to uncover and develop their identities
  • Encourage cultivation of biologic group identities
    • E.g. gender, ethnicity, and other unchangeable biological identities
  • Discourage fossilization of social identities
  • Discourage social pressure and other anti-individualisms
  • Discourage socially constructed identity politics
    • Genetic identity politics is valid, since its stable from birth to death