True Meritocracy


We can talk about culture on an abstract or more specific level. On the one hand, we do have a certain Zeitgeist in our time. That in turn manifests itself through specific mediums like music, museums, art, entertainment, and literature. A societies culture reveals the collective spirit. That image can be beautiful or ugly, depending on the society observed. 

Guiding Principles:


  • Discourage traditions that cause harm
  • Counteract religions hostile to art, like Abrahamic faiths
  • Restrict use of impractical clothing
  • Discontinue unmeritocratic systems; like monarchies
  • Prevent capitalism from hijacking customs and traditions
  • Physical religious relics/locations have no spiritual value

Degeneracy Prevention

  • Culture is an honest reflection of a peoples aspirations
  • Beware how culture can normalize deviant behavior
  • In favor of cultural freedom, but not relativism
  • Foster a culture where leisure is utilized wisely
  • Cultivate ambition and delayed gratification
  • Separate higher from lower pleasures, promoting the former
  • Against evolutionarily retrogressive sexual attitudes
  • Males are the historical proponents of sexual promiscuity
    • Ironic that most religions impose strict control of women
  • Ban pay-for-sex occupations

Reason and Logic

  • Ban gambling, and increase basic math skills in society
  • Promote scientific thinking
  • We need unbiased/independent journalism
    • Assure honesty through reasonable laws

Identity Development

  • Foster an international mindset
  • Culturalization should be key part of education
  • Nurture and promote both masculinity and femininity
  • Accommodate the role culture plays in identity politics
  • Respect how culture and health (physical/mental) link

Freedom of Speech

  • Specially fund writers who want to publish anonymously


  • Establish English as first language in all countries
  • Incentivize cultural actors to publish in English

Business and Industry

  • More public-private partnerships
  • Even publicly funded media must adapt to changes
  • Promote competition in media
  • Motivate transition from paper to electronic books
    • Not only modernizing, but also very ecological
  • Breakup monopolies in publishing industry
    • Especially related to educational sector


Physical Health

  • Boost cultural initiatives promoting healthy behavior
  • Make exercise and fitness key part of culture
  • Build bicycle-paths and public exercise parks
  • Ban sports that encourage injury towards self or others
    • Particularly where force is directed towards the head


Engagement and Activism

  • Increase volunteering
  • Incentivize donations to cultural causes
  • Support local, national and international competitions
  • Culture should not have to cow-tow to party politics
    • Public funding should not shackle/frame creativity


Cultural Landmarks

  • Rationally regulate conservation/restoration efforts
    • Public safety and health > nostalgia