True Meritocracy

Law & Order

The term is herein understood in its broader meaning as encompassing police, court, and penitentiary system.

Guiding Principles:


  • Visitation of justice must be certain and swift
  • Take cyber-crimes as seriously as “real world” crimes
  • Create better system for whistle-blowing
  • Remove jury, and leave judgment to relevant experts
    • Imagine if laymen also planned your dentistry! 
  • Solving crime problems by legalizing them is stupid
  • Adequately confront the entire crime value-chain



  • Ban all pay-for-sex occupations
  • Ban begging
  • Ban especially unhealthy food/drinks 
  • Ban recreational intoxicants
    • Strong correlation between intoxication and crime


Prevention and Solution

  • Use statistically valid profiling
    • In favor of e.g. stop-and-frisk programs
  • Make body cameras mandatory for law enforcement
  • Use AI, automation, drones, and robots to aid law enforcement
  • Automate surveillance of criminals with repeat risk
  • Increase surveillance proven to prevent and solve crimes
  • Create registry of people at elevated risk of committing crime
  • Utilize bounty hunters to alleviate law enforcement
    • Strictly regulated and mandatory body cams
  • Allow trained individuals to bear arms in public
    • Restrict this license if crime is below certain levels
    • Correlate power of firearms you can own with mental ability level
  • Reward admission of crime(s) with reduced sentence
    • The earlier one admits the bigger the reward etc.
  • Make silence/concealment of crimes committed against oneself and/or others illegal and strictly punished
  • Remove all statutes of limitations: Do not reward ability to hide crime
  • Sentence habitual criminals to life-sentence
  • Discontinue cash, but offer alt. that can function temporarily offline



  • Make certain fines a percentage of income


Legal Representation

  • Deter parasitical lawyer behaviors
  • Discourage litigious tendencies
  • Quality of representation should not depend on income
    • Explore utility of a single-payer system
  • Simplify and digitize legal system
  • Discourage theatrics and rhetoric in court room
  • Digitize and automate legal proceedings 
  • Embrace big data and AI
  • No one should be too powerful to be prosecuted

Law School

  • Move law from pseudoscience into scientific realm
  • Standardize educational and license criteria


Organized Crime and Terrorism

  • Treat organized crime networks as terror organizations
    • I.e as politically motivated terrorists/networks
  • Use the army to solve certain severe crime issues


Juvenile Delinquency

  • Send delinquent youth to disciplinary institutions
    • Employ people qualified to deal with such youth
  • Continue to monitor them for some time after graduation


Sociocultural Initiatives

  • Strongly incentivize “snitching” in “at risk” networks
  • Remove negative elements from “at risk” individuals social network
  • Discourage glorification and rationalization of crime
    • Crackdown hard on “gangsta culture”


Penitentiary System

  • Transform convicts from societal liabilities to assets
  • Focus on preparing criminals to life after prison
    • Enhancing employability should be mandatory
  • Strongly incentivize “snitching” in prison
    • Use collective punishment if prisoners refuse to cooperate with investigators
  • Punish crimes committed inside jail especially hard
  • Full 24/7/365 video/audio surveillance of prisoners and staff
  • Establish ROI-based penitentiary system
    • Mandatory work, studying, and/or human testing
  • Allow private conscientious actors to run prisons


Human Testing/Experiments

  • Allow convicts to reduce sentence through human testing
    • Psychological and biological tests/experiments
  • Replace death-penalty with deadly human testing
  • Make human testing mandatory part of sentence for certain severe crimes, like murder, rape, sadism, etc.