True Meritocracy

Truth and Evidence

Scientific methodology has done wonders for many aspects of life, but its surprisingly absent from policy-making. For some reason, we think emotions, bias, and convenience should determine politics. You should not be surprised to hear that we propound the importance of evidence-based policies. 

Granted, there are such fields like political science, but there are methodological issues with it, and its influence on politicians is limited at best. Anyway, we need a holistic scientific approach, where all relevant sciences are used actively.

Key Points:

  • Policies must have scientific backing
  • Turn political science into professional discipline
  • Policy-makers should be allowed to publish anonymously
    • Avoid group-pressure and group-think
    • Easier to present politically incorrect policies
    • Enable us to take on the most difficult issues
  • Politicians must be screened for scientific mindset
  • Falsified policies should be summarily eliminated