True Meritocracy

Self-defence & Intervention

Individual citizens, states, nations, and continents should have the ability to deter enemies foreign and domestic. However, weapons of war have developed to a point where it is mutually suicidal to go to war. This is why current and future conflicts are more likely to leverage subtle tools like economic, cultural, ideological, biologic, demographic, and cyber warfare. 

Recent history is littered with many regional conflicts, and examples of failed interventionism. We need to realize the interconnected reality of Earth. We need to make it increasingly costly, self-defeating, and difficult to solve conflicts through acts of war. Our ultimate goal should be to neutralize the ability to enter suicidal wars.

Guiding Principles:

Sociocultural Prevention

  • Solidify global cultural frameworks
  • Adopt a one world language based on English


Economic Deterrents

  • Encourage economic interdependence between nations
    • More free trade and specialization
    • Simplify taxation to increase international investing


Merge Military and Emergency Services

  • Use military tools pro-socially during peacetime
    • Turbocharge ROI of military spending



  • Make military service mandatory for men and women
    • Take into account all real biologic and psychological differences, and distribute tasks accordingly 
  • Encourage homosexuals to serve openly 
  • Do not allow serious criminals and people who fail suitableness tests to serve in military: give them other jobs

Individual Self-defence 

  • Allow certified citizens to bear firearms
    • Correlate power of firearms you can own with ability level
    • Citizens scoring below a certain intelligence level should not be allowed to own any firearms
  • Develop cyber security skills in population
  • Make martial-arts part of general education
  • Make basic survival skills part of general education


War Crimes

  • Expose war crimes by both losers and winners of wars


Decrease Warmongering

  • Remove military industrial complex’s pro-war incentives
    • Actively use military tech during peacetime 


Humanitarian Work

  • Humanitarian orgs. must meet strict ROI criteria
  • Always focus on ROI when helping refugees
  • ALL war crimes must be confronted