True Meritocracy

Demographic Planning

Neglect of demographic planning has spawned ominous challenges on the local, regional, and world stage. Some consequences being an ageing population, ecological destruction, genetic degradation, brain drain (developing nations), and an insane human population growth that triggered the sixth mass-extinction event. 

The solution to this problem is to implement demographic planning on the local, regional, and world stage. We need to foster a desirable and sustainable demographic make-up for the short, medium, and especially the long-term horizon.

Guiding Principles:

Human Population

  • Maintain world human population at sustainable level
    • Experts state ideal is between 500M and 1B
    • We are just one of the 8.7M species on Earth
      • Infinite growth on a planet with limited resources is nothing short of utter insanity, stupidity, or both


Advancing Human Evolution

  • Guide reproduction wisely and advance evolution
    • Implement universal genetic counseling
    • Use differentiated (merit-based) breeding quotas
    • Cherish self-control and discipline
    • Increase intelligence; IQ, social, emotional, creative
    • Foster beneficial personality traits
    • Prevent heritable diseases (physical and mental)
    • Make healthy, athletic, and robust citizens

Biologic Realities

  • Politics will either incentivize eugenics or dysgenics.
  • Acknowledge heritability of certain social ills.
  • Acknowledge genetic realism.
    • Genetics help explain differences between groups.
      • By denying differences, some are systematically privileged, while others are hopelessly disadvantaged.
    • Fight anti-scientific movements.
    • Genetic engineering is a beacon for humanity.
    • We are biologic machines with God-given Souls.

Demographic Composition

  • Promote desirable demographic makeup.
    • 50/50 gender balance.
    • Limit number of dependent citizens; old, retired, debilitated, unemployable, homeless and beggars.
  • Elder care: Tax and interest-rate incentives for adults whose parents and/or grandparents live in the same or adjacent house.