True Meritocracy

Nature/Nurture Debate

Humans are biological machines indwelt by a spirit (God fragment). Any honest analysis of man makes his animal machine-like tendencies embarrassingly obvious, and should compel us to seek the polar opposite. We think nature is a very powerful force, which we seek to continually upgrade through biotech. We want to use nurture to maximize our potential, by creating most fertile environs.  

As True Meritocratists we side with the latest science on this debate, but we are aware of the politicization of contemporary science. Indeed, we do not have True Science in our times… the scientist is not free! See the sections on e.g. “health and genetic engineering” and “demographic planning” for specific policies. 

Key Points:

  • We want to embrace genetic realism
    • Accept heritability of gender identity, health, fitness, intelligence, personality, certain attitudes, impulse-control, creativity/innovation, and other abilities and traits
    • We think homosexuality and other non-binary traits largely have a biologic explanation
  • Promote genetic counseling and genetic engineering
  • Every citizen should have access to fertile environment
  • Cultural focus should be on personal development