True Meritocracy


The more direct a democracy is, the more merit it has. Many countries are run by political elites and dynasties that only care about citizens when they need to scoop-up some votes come election: these are pseudo-democracies. People now want their voices heard more than ever, and hence the need to reform the system! 

Guiding Principles:


  • Make voting mandatory for those older than 16
    • People who do not vote to be fined 25% of monthly avg. income
  • Allow anyone to vote, even convicts, but differentiate voters through weighted voting system
    • You lose ability to vote in cases of severe cognitive impairment
  • Digital voting with biometric authentication
    • Voting systems must be created and managed by a global consortium of intelligence agencies
      • Should use blockchain


A Weighted Voting System

  • From “one person, one vote” to a weighted meritocratic system
    • A voter would get more or less political leverage depending on how she scored on various important factors
    • The two determinants of a voters political leverage are chosen survey-length (30%) and individual merit points (70%)
      • Policy-survey is mandatory and manually completed by the voter
      • Individual merit points are automatically calculated from pre-collected data, and impact leverage of survey answers 
  • Policy-surveys: transition from voting for parties to voting on issues
    • A meritocratic and survey-based system for direct democracy
      • Crodwsourced political ideology
        • Voters have 3 months to answer the survey
    • Voters can choose between various survey lengths
      • The 10 options are; 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 or 1000 questions
      • Completing a longer survey leads to more leverage; e.g. answering 1000 Q leads to 9X leverage vis-a-vis 100 Q
  • Individual Merit Points
    • Level of civic engagement/activism
      • E.g. active membership(s), donations, positions    
    • Chronological age: higher is better
    • Parenting: genetic children, adoptions and/or foster children
      • Should only parent children you can adequately care for
    • Grade-Point-Average: from the highest attained educational level, with higher levels weighted more than lower
    • Latest psychometric and biometric data collected
    • Work experience: number of days in the work force
    • Amount of taxes payed
    • Investments in public and private enterprise: e.g. shares, bonds, and real-estate
    • Years of residence in voting region
    • Military service and position in army
    • Conviction for crimes lead to subtraction of points
    • Additional metric can be added as AI advance

Policy and Topic Experts Implement the “Will of the People”

  • Their duty is to implement as much “will of the people” as possible
    • These experts only have the power to overrule results of policy-surveys if overwhelming evidence warrants
      • Such decisions must be exhaustively defended in public
  • These experts must be selected according to merit
  • Make it highly attractive to serve such public office to attract talent



  • Utilize referendums (local, global, etc.) more actively
    • These are included as questions in the policy-surveys


Political Organizations

  • Political parties, NGO’s, and other interest movements are highly valuable as catalysts and organizers of debate and ideas
  • Political parties would not govern in the system presented herein
    • From herd mind politics to individual thought
    • From rule by political corruptible elites to TRUE “Will of the People”