True Meritocracy

Health & Genetic Engineering

We need to take evolution into our hands, and continually refine our evolutionary status. Improvement of health should be our guiding star, and no false sentiment must distract us from that. Human biology on Earth is tremendously defective compared to most other planets. This is manifested through illnesses, cognitive deficiencies, and the general way in which animal instincts subvert higher inclinations. 

While our planetary overseers recognize that this fact ironically makes genetic engineering somewhat haphazard in the interim period, they affirm we are capable of resolving blatant deficiencies and implement obvious improvements. This however only scratches the surface of genetic engineering’s potential to advance humans, other animals, and anything else with a genetic basis.  

Guiding Principles:

Pro-health Values

  • Continually improve health
  • Global eugenics program to increase health and happiness
    • Make biometric data collection (incl. DNA analysis) and psychometric testing, default parts of public health-care services
      • Biometric data like BMI, fat and muscle %, blood sugar, vitamins, minerals, heart rate, blood oxygen level, sight, hearing, smell, etc. 
      • Psychometric tests measuring intelligence (general, social, emotional, and creative), thinking styles, personality, impulse control, motivation, cultural values, attitudes, and skills
      • Individual breeding quotas based on results
        • Every married couple should be allowed to have one child
  • Medical experts should decide on health issues


Genetic Engineering (Generally)

  • Fully unleash the power of genetic engineering
  • Allow stem cell research
  • Broaden scope of gene therapy


Economics/Business of Healthcare

  • Basic medical treatment should be free
  • Prioritize research by return-on-investment
  • Prioritize medical procedures by return-on-investment
  • Reduce unnecessary costs in healthcare
  • Remove incentives that cause biased- and over-treatment
  • Healthy balance between public and private sector
  • Discourage monopolies
  • Reform patent-laws to increase competition


Basic Healthcare

  • Single-payer system to cover basic healthcare
    • Cover treatments with positive ROI
      • Even potentially negative ROI is acceptable in some cases
    • Patient must cover costs in cases of neglect/idiocy
    • Discontinue healthcare when costs begin to rise parabolically towards end of life: we must accept our mortality
  • Privatize everything beyond basic healthcare


Use of Force

  • Allow forced hospitalization in certain medical crises
    • E.g. addictions, eating disorders, psychiatry, suicidal tendencies
      • Recognize that continual self-harm is a suicide method
  • Restriction of autonomy is acceptable if patient is likely to harm itself or others


Mental Health

  • More stringent diagnostic criteria in mental health
  • Prevent over-diagnostication and over-medication


Dying and Death

  • In favor of euthanasia in certain cases
    • E.g. chronic progressive degenerative disorders, tragic irreversible injuries, and when alternative is unethical
  • Body and organ donation should be default


  • Unambiguous health ratings on all food/drinks
    • Broad category rating and within categories
    • Should be understandable for children, e.g. smile icons
  • Use tax incentives to increase food/drink nutritional value
    • The healthier a product is, the less taxes to pay
  • Ban intoxicating and addictive food/drinks
  • Ban tobacco and similar substances


Dental Health

  • Cover basic dentistry through single-payer system
    • Patient must cover costs in cases of neglect/idiocy
  • Privatize everything beyond basic dentistry



  • Pro-choice, but abortion should be last resort
  • In favor of prenatal screening
  • Allow closely quality-checked surrogacy
  • Allow sperm/egg donation, but not anonymous
    • Children have a right to know their parents
  • Promote genetic counseling and awareness
  • Consider euthanasia of born babies in certain cases
    • E.g. tragic complications and horrible diseases
  • Make assisted reproductive technology available


Animal and Human Testing

  • In favor of regulated animal testing
  • Allow voluntary non-exploitative human subject research
  • Allow convicts to reduce sentence by human testing 



  • Make crucial vaccines mandatory



  • Promote genetic realism 
  • Increase medical and biologic science content in education


Plant/Animal Genetic Engineering

  • Encourage carefully controlled GMOs, GM crops, and GM foods
  • Apply genetic engineering to conservation efforts