True Meritocracy

Emergency Services

Fire service, law enforcement, medical services are the first three that comes to mind, though there are many other. 

Guiding Principles:


  • Modernize all subdivision of emergency services; fire service, law enforcement, medical services, emergency phone system, military, lifeboat, mountain rescue, military, coast guard, air search, HAZ-MAT, amateur radio emergency communications, emergency management, blood/organ transplant supply, bomb disposal, wildland fire suppression, search and rescue, technical rescue, mine rescue, cave rescue, civil emergency services, and location-specific emergency services. 

New Technologies

  • Implement Big Data, A.I., drones and robots in these services


Deep Underground Emergency Shelters

  • This follows the logic behind the “Svalbard Global Seed Vault”
    • We should also develop emergency shelters for animals
  • Crate global network of shelters that can preserve the best specimens of humanity in cases of extreme emergencies
    • World wars, civil wars, natural disasters etc.
  • Task military intelligence with developing big data algorithms that can filter all data in order to identify people critical for civilization
    • Military is responsible for putting people in these shelters
    • Only military personell with top security clearance should have access to the list of specially protected people 
  • Develop a multi-tiered priority system for when people are collected