International Relations

Interactions between people from different countries is nothing new, but modern technology has dramatically increased its frequency. Hence, we need policies that make this mutually constructive. 

Guiding Principles:


  • Regarding all internationalization: carrot > stick
  • Promote expanded English as a world language
  • Promote global adoption of metric system
  • Incentivize free (but fair) trade 
  • Simplify international trade and commerce
  • Establish meritocratic and legitimate global government


Move from 195 Nations to 9 Nations

  • The 9 Nations
    • North-America
    • South-America
    • Western-Europe
    • Eastern-Europe
    • Middle-East
    • North-Asia
    • South-Asia
    • Oceania
    • Africa
  • Reframe previous Nations as Sates within the new 9
    • Further substructure could be based on previous municipalities
  • Voting should use weighted democratic system

Council on Racial Relations

  • Organ working for mutual understanding and cooperation
  • Coordinate eugenics within each racial group
  • 50/50 Gender representation of each race
  • The six different races
    • Whites 
    • Asians
    • Native Americans
    • Hispanic
    • Blacks
    • Arabic


International Coordination

  • We must evaluate whether UN is futureproof or not
  • Establish organization dedicated to international cooperation and coordination
  • Voting should use weighted democratic system
  • Incorporate international topics in surveys delineated under the “Democracy” section on this website
  • Make war prohibitively costly and risky