True Meritocracy

International Relations

Interactions between people from different countries is nothing new, but modern technology has dramatically increased its frequency. Hence, we need policies that make this mutually constructive. 

Guiding Principles:


  • Regarding all internationalization: carrot > stick
  • Promote expanded English as a world language
  • Promote global adoption of metric system
  • Incentivize free (but fair) trade 
  • Simplify international trade and commerce
  • Establish meritocratic and legitimate global government


Move from 195 Nations to 9 Nations

  • The 9 Nations
    • North-America
    • South-America
    • Western-Europe
    • Eastern-Europe
    • Middle-East
    • North-Asia
    • South-Asia
    • Oceania
    • Africa
  • Reframe previous Nations as Sates within the new 9
    • Further substructure could be based on previous municipalities
  • Voting should use weighted democratic system

Council on Racial Relations

  • Organ working for mutual understanding and cooperation
  • Coordinate eugenics within each racial group
  • 50/50 Gender representation of each race
  • The six different races
    • Whites 
    • Asians
    • Native Americans
    • Hispanic
    • Blacks
    • Arabic


International Coordination

  • We must evaluate whether UN is futureproof or not
  • Establish organization dedicated to international cooperation and coordination
  • Voting should use weighted democratic system
  • Incorporate international topics in surveys delineated under the “Democracy” section on this website
  • Make war prohibitively costly and risky