True Meritocracy


Level of self- and other-awareness is contingent on the individuals spiritual development. The ultimate reality is that everything is interconnected.

Guiding Principles:


  • The great myth of “the modern secular age”: far from it, we rather live in the euphoric phase of the Abrahamic age
    • Jewish identity has never been more hyper-sensitized
    • Christian humanism has never been more hegemonic
    • Islam has never been such a big topic
  • Its time to forsake political movements masquerading as religions; whether of terrestrial or celestial origin
    • We choose not to get entangled in the mutually blasphemous political conflict between Michael and Lucifer
      • Both parties put self-interest over God’s-interests
    • Prioritize the transition to a post-Abrahamic age
      • Jewish, Christian and Islamic fruits have been most bitter

Diamond Rule

  • Improve what you can, and heal what you hurt.

Merit of a Faith/Religion

  • Judge religions by their spiritual utility value for individuals and society
  • Cooperate with faith groups that appeal to the self-interest and altruism of both God and man

Religion and Health

  • Religion does not have final say on any medical issue
  • Ban all forms of circumcision of youth (<18)



  • Religiously biased businesses decide who to do it with
    • Most businesses are ideological anyway
    • Heavily biased ones will likely go bankrupt or struggle to grow, i.e. let the market decide


Politics and Religion

  • Keep politics and religion separate
  • Religious movements should be free from certain taxes


Expression of Religion

  • Allow public display of religious symbols
  • Limit auditory public expressions of religion
  • Limit use of impractical religious attire