True Meritocracy

Hard Infrastructure

Infrastructure constitutes the capillary network of society, and its hence important to maintain a fresh and efficient system. Politics plays a big role deciding how we identify, prioritize, and solve problems related to it all. It is important to have a meritocratic process behind our decisions. Unfortunately, many deals made are based on sloth, bias, or corruption. 

Guiding Principles:

Big Push for Modernization and Future-proofing

  • Modernize transportation; roads, highways, standardize signage and markings, edge treatments, specialized facilities, transportation electrical systems, ferries, airports, canals, seaports, lighthouses, bicycle paths, pedestrian ground network, railways, and mass transit systems.
  • Modernize energy; electric vehicle networks (incl. charging), heating systems, electrical power network, energy production, energy storage, and pipelines.
  • Modernize waste management; clean water supply, drainage systems, sewage and waste, flood control, irrigation, coastal management, and snow removal.
  • Modernize communications; cable television, television and radio transmission, postal service, telephone networks, mobile phone networks, internet, undersea cables, communication satellites, dedicated networks, and pneumatic tubes. 
  • Modernize solid waste management; hazardous waste, landfills, municipal garbage and recyclables collection, materials recovery facilities, incineration and plasma gasification facilities.
  • Modernize earth monitoring and measurement; meteorological monitoring, tidal monitoring, stream gauge and fluviometric, spatial data infrastructure, global positioning system, geodetic benchmarks, earth observation satellites, and seismometer networks.  

General Principles

  • Embrace automation, robotics, and AI
    • Offer reeducation programs to disrupted parties
    • Allow disrupted parties to invest in disruptor companies
      • Would reduce labor org. opposition to change
  • Promote smart-grid
  • Turn basic internet access into a public good
    • Maximize usefulness of IoT and AI
  • Promote innovation and efficiency