True Meritocracy

Discrimination: Just/Unjust

While us meritocratists passionately fight unjust and fallacious discrimination, we do support just and objective discrimination. Indeed, meritocracy depend on both. “Discrimination” is a negatively connoted word, but there is more to the word than what meets the feels. 

Just discrimination is based on reality. Lets use an example: criminal profiling show that the vast majority of cartel members are ethnically Hispanic, hence it would be erroneous not to take that into account when investigating a cartel-related crime.

Key Points:

  • Approach discrimination rationally, without emotion
  • Accept the multidimensional nature of unjust discriminat.
    • Race: Not simply white vs. colored, since there is ALLOT of bigotry between e.g. colored groups
      • Further complicating matters is that highest visual diversity is among whites (e.g. hair and eye color, facial features)
  • Demonstrate value of just/objective discrimination
  • Combat politicizing of the word “discrimination”
    • Its politicized by those who dislike uniqueness, individuality, autonomy and diversity 
  • Examples of Just Discrimination:
    • Evident biologic differences
    • Rejection of anti-scientific sentiments
    • Rejection of evidently detrimental ideologies
    • Evidence-based police profiling
    • Grading system in education
    • Pay for performance
    • Reward for initiative
    • Justifiable recruitment criteria
  • Examples of Unjust Discrimination:
    • Unjustified discrimination based on biology 
    • Limiting equality of opportunity
    • Favoritism and other biases
    • Special preference due to personal relationships
    • Unwarranted ideological discrimination