True Meritocracy

Soft Infrastructure

These are covered in more detail on other pages, though you get a nice overview below.

Guiding Principles:

Big Push for Modernization and Futureproofing

  • Modernize governance; system of government, justice, law enforcement, penal system, registration and databases, emergency services, and military.
  • Modernize economics; agriculture, fisheries, forestry, food/beverage and animal inspection, business, entrepreneurship, innovation, financial system, taxation, business logistics, and manufacturing.
  • Modernize social system; healthcare system, public health, social welfare, family and community, and education. 
  • Modernize culture, sports and recreation; religion, volunteering, sports, parks, recreation, travel, tourism, amusement, concert halls, museums, studios, libraries, and theaters.

General Principles

  • Increase awareness about inter-dependencies