True Meritocracy

Education & Employment

These are tightly interlinked, with the former being prerequisite for the latter, and the latter always requiring the update of the former. Yet, this link is wholly neglected. 

Guiding Principles:

Link between Education and Employment

  • Government should plan and work tightly with HR
  • Increase cooperation between educators and HR
  • Break down the “education or employment” dichotomy
  • Develop accurate career matching systems
  • Support gamification of education and training
  • Self-discovery to be integral part of educational system
  • Offer talented/gifted students accelerated programs
    • Spend less time being a student, and spend more time in the workforce (or doing paid research)


Sexual Education

  • Focus more on reproduction than on how to extinguish life
  • Encourage people to start having kids in their teens
    • Easier to be a stay at-home parent when you are studying
    • Seasoned parents with older children are appealing to employers


Education: General

  • Thoroughly modernize educational sector 
  • Education should be early adopter of new technologies
  • Education should play key role in equality of opportunity
  • Develop students into self-supporting citizens
  • Encourage student autonomy
  • Improve recess and after school activities (4-16 yo)
    • Students should be free to use exercise, sports, arts, crafts, and music equipment/rooms during recess and outside school
    • Physical education and arts/craft would be discontinued as standalone school subjects


Education: Content Selection and Educational Material

  • Decide educational content by societal utility value
  • Important for both lower and higher education
  • Make study-techniques integral part of education
  • All educational material should be in English (globally)
    • An expanded version of English incorporating all “foreign” words with no prior English equivalent
  • Embrace digital educational material
  • Personalize/individualize educational material
    • Make material relevant to students life-situation and -stage 


Education: Curriculum (4-16 yo)

  • Mathematics
    • Show students the practical utility of math (medicine, cooking, gardening, economics etc.)
      • Special focus on personal finance
  • English Language
    • Reading
    • Spelling and grammar
    • Writing/literary genres
    • Learn International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
    • Learn American Sign Language (ASL)
      • Great utility value in business, trading, industry, police/military, etc.
  • Futurology and Technology
    • Futurology
      • Possible, probable, and preferable futures 
      • Innovation and imagination
    • Technology
      • Software and programming
      • User experience design (UX)
      • Electronics
  • Scientific Thinking and Methodology
    • Train students to view the world as scientists
    • Show difference between basic and applied science
    • Explore the different scientific disciplines/branches
  • Self-help and Realization
    • Find ones life purpose and career(s) 
    • Study/learning techniques
    • Spirituality and philosophy
    • History and identity
    • Psychology/psychiatry (aka. science of mind) 
  • Life Skills
    • Planning and time management
    • Everyday practical challenges
      • Home improvement and repair
      • Machine operation and repair (e.g. car)
        • Get drivers license as part of education
    • Emergency preparation
      • Accidents, hazards, and crises (e.g. fire)
      • Self-defence and martial arts
      • Social unrest and natural disasters
      • First-aid and advanced emergency medicine
      • Wilderness survival skills
    • Law and civic engagement
  • Psychometry and Biometry
    • Psychometry
      • Measure abilities, skills, attitudes, impulse control, personality, thinking styles, intelligence (general, emotional, social, creative)
      • Entice personal development (growth mindset)
    • Biometry
      • Track biometric data in order to improve health and prevent illnesses
      • Nutrition and fitness
        • Measure BMI, fat and muscle %, blood sugar, vitamins, minerals, heart rate, blood oxygen level, sight, hearing, smell, etc. 
      • DNA analysis
  • Personal Project
    • Learn project management skills
    • Allow students to individually explore a project of their choice
    • Tests students ability to apply scientific tools
    • Students are free to choose a new project each semester, or further specialize in a prior one


Education: Primary School (4-13 yo)

  • This should be obligatory
  • Amount of recess during school time decrease by age


Education: Secondary School (13-16 yo)

  • This should also be obligatory
  • Same 8 subjects as in primary school, but with increased focus on the student finding its career

Education: Tertiary School (16-XX yo)

  • This educational cycle is not obligatory
  • Accurate matchmaking between student and study
  • Important that there is a positive ROI (return-on-investment) for student and society
  • Remove the study/work dichotomy
  • Make students productive citizens as fast as possible
  • Encourage digitalization and virtualization


Education: Adults (18-XX yo)

  • Sponsor online schools teaching in-demand skills
  • Make it easy for adults to learn while working


Education: Measuring Abilities

  • Go from 5 to 9 point grading scale
    • 3 lower, middle, and higher grades
  • Grade students holistically with diverse measurements
  • Make student evaluation more continuous
  • Use digital tests based around positive reinforcement
  • Use technology to make tests more realistic
  • Thorough psychometric and biometric testing 
  • Create adaptive testing software
    • Enable personalization/individualization 
    • Suggest when to take tests, and what to improve
       Allow students to take tests when they are ready
    • Use smart 360° cameras, advanced cybersecurity, and biometric authentication to prevent cheating 


Education: Teaching Methods

  • Encourage innovation in pedagogy
  • Focus on positive reinforcement, not negative
  • Clarify what students should do to improve themselves
  • Give talented students roles as teacher assistants
  • Match difficulty of material with the student’s abilities
  • Use technology to personalize/individualize material
  • Only support pedagogical techniques with good ROI
    • Discontinue e.g. folk high schools, Waldorf/Steiner


Education: Social Environment

  • Sanction teachers that do not solve bullying problems
  • Establish guardian system, where older students are tasked to “look out for” younger students (one-to-one)
  • Create special disciplinary schools for “problem kids” 


Education: Financing

  • Determine educational funding by societal needs 
  • Take the student debt issue seriously
    • Explore system were student debt is repaid as percentage of post-graduation monthly income
      • Cancel debt if it’s not realistically repayable within a reasonable time-frame
      • Intention is to instill ROI mindset
  • Deter homeschooling, since it’s too societally inefficient


From Social-Safety-Net to Social-Safety-Trampoline

  • Easy to get stuck, entangled, and consumed in nets
  • Never disincentivize work and ambition
  • People should always be an active member of society


Employment: General

  • Motivate ambition and pride in the populace
  • Incentivize effort and discourage slack  
  • Support innovation in business


Employment: Globalization and Technology

  • Uncontrolled under/unemployment = systemic risk
  • Do not use outsourcing for long-distance brain drain
  • Treat disruptive innovations as opportunities, not threats


Employment: Job Security and Safety

  • Full-time positions should be standard in work place
  • Provide security to people in multiple part-time positions
  • Develop new system to give freelancers more rights
  • Prevent abuse of paid sick-leave systems
  • Reform paid sick-leave system such that risk is shared
  • Keep labor org. membership generously tax deductible


Employment: Recruitment and Progression

  • Treat students from online schools on an equal basis with those from brick-and-mortar schools
  • Develop standardized and shared online CV system
    • Integrate psychometric scores and grades
    • Keep track of citizens employment status
      • Immediately aid unemployed individuals


Employment: Freedom of Thought/Speech

  • Employees and executives should have free speech
  • Motivate people to be open about their biases
  • Realize that a culture of self-censorship is radioactive


Employment: Disabled Persons

  • Make it easier and “safer” to employ disabled persons
  • Incentivize creation of specially tailored companies


Employment: Unemployment

  • Plan ahead to prevent surprising unemployment
  • Require HR aid recently unemployed find new work
  • Stimulate entrepreneurship directed towards this issue 


Employment: Work Life Balance

  • Offer framework for a more dynamic future work-life
  • Make it easy and convenient to work from home
    • Especially beneficial for parents with young kids