True Meritocracy


We gotta have a good match between the skills of a given person and the society he resides in. Great divergences create problems. This affects both comparatively high and low skilled people. Some choose to emigrate to a more competitive (or alt. much less) society in order to find a better match between their skill set and where they live. An illustrative issue from contemporary immigration is the great increase of low skilled persons moving to very competitive societies, which is guaranteed to create problems for both that person and society.  

Guiding Principles:


  • Policies must be meritocratic, sustainable, and legitimate



  • Find best match between people and society they reside in
    • Immigrating low skill people to high complexity society only breeds failure and xenophobia
  • Test and filter prospective immigrants by intelligence (general, social, emotional, and creative), personality, employability, motivation, cultural fit, and attitudes
    • Only admit those likely to succeed in the receiving society  


From Selfish Brain-drain to Prosocial Support

  • Don’t rob developing nations of its most resourceful people
    • Avoid brain-drain and general resource depletion
    • Discontent foreigners are potential change-agents
      • Can’t help their native country if they move
        • We must support, train, and protect them
  • Developed nations should spread expertise/knowledge to uplift developing nations
    • Business and student exchange programs
    • Train public officials and administrators
    • Intern and scholarships to im-/export expertise


  • Accept the genetic basis of abilities and adaptability
  • Immigration should achieve synergistic outcomes
    • Must be eugenic and not dysgenic



  • Only accept refugees we can successfully integrate
  • Deport refugees that resist integration efforts
  • The older a refugee is, the harder it is to adapt/integrate
    • Mindset starts to fossilize during early childhood
  • Solve local problems with local solutions
    • Better return on investment than immigration of refugees
  • Overthrow tyrannical regimes and control them until a suitable replacement is in place
    • Do not leave until its better than when you arrived
    • Install people who look and speak like natives in positions of power
      • This increases feeling of legitimacy, even if person originates from the occupying country